Friday, September 17, 2010

Quick snip-it and some pix

Article from the Daily Playa about the bike being stolen. Went out to tens of thousands. Haven't been to movitated to write but wanted to do a post. More to come. In LA having a blast in Venice seeing old friends and there new babies. Heading to Dago next week.

Some art on an RV when we were leaving.

$25 one hour massages in SF. The guy was insanely good.

Some cool artwork in an alley in SF.

No chance to flip off a bike in SF...sad!

Peacefest...kind of a boredest!

Yum...some good Indian food in inner Sunset.

Hastens in Culver City with some friends.

Cool ass bike chain chandelier at a community bike shop in LA. Can't imagine how much that thing ways.

Me! With my cool hand crafted shirt I got at the burn.

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  1. Holy shit dude, who are you?!
    You coming to NY with all that hair, you sexy beast?!