Sunday, May 30, 2010


Three weeks and 1 day so far. Good times with good friends old and new. Went out on Lake Kentucky with some of DJ's inlaws friends. Two couples that both work up at the University of Southern Indiana. Ed & Cindy and Matt & Katie. Thanks again for making this Memorial Day Weekend that much more memorable.

We spent the majority of the day in the water off in one of the coves here. Ed & Cindy have a beuatiful 40' Carver. It's for sale if your interested. They want to go bigger and get a better ladder. Getting onto the boat can be a chore, but all managed just fine.

It's back on the road tomorrow. We plan on heading north in the direction of St. Louis. This has definitely been a great weekend though. You can see from the pictures that we had a good time. Some really good laughs that you don't get everyday.

This trip continues to outdue itself. Every pedal of the way has really been an an amazing adventure. Looking forward to spending more time with good friends along the way. Thanks for reading along.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Southern Styled!

Down on Lake Kentucky in picturesque Hardin, KY. At my boy Dave Johnsons inlaws lake house here. We ended up in Nashville yesterday. The evening before we were in Bowling Green. Dave just moved here to the south. Hendersonville just outside of Nashville. We were planning on meeting up today. Since it was only 60 or so miles south to his new house we ended up there. He wanted us to check out the new digs. It was also great to spend time with his family. His beautiful wife Nicole and their three adorable children Ann, Ross and Parrish.

We hopped in the car and put the bikes in the trailer to take the trip north back to KY. Then we did some food shopping for the next couple of days and just time to chill for Memorial Day weekend. I kind of wanted to be a purest about literally biking across the US. But we never planned on going that far south and all the wrong turns. We will definitely make up for it.

Today was a blast just hanging out on the dock. We were fishing and swimming and just having a good ol time. Took some really fun pictures as well. Now were haning watching the Laker game and eating dinner. Have a great Labor Day weekend! Back on the road this Monday.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A new time zone

Passed into CST about 50 miles ago. It was another century today, 110 miles. Kind of fun pumping out those long hauls.

Our plan was to stay at this state park called Mammoth Caves. When we met up there the amenities weren't to our liking. No power outlets to charge our stuff was the biggest problem. For instance today, I didn't get a chance to charge my phone last night. I'm very dependant on the maps app all day. When u get to a cross roads with no map you don't want to go the wrong way. 10 miles on the bike is a long way.

When we arrived at the state park we were trying to come up with an alternate plan. Thought today was going to be 60 something mile day. By the time I arrived at the park I had about 80 miles on on the gps. Bowling Green was another 30 miles so that was the plan. Gaining an hour with the new time zone gave us just under two hours of day light to make it to BG.

While we were at the campground convienance store the woman asked if we needed any supplies. She said she had a box of stuff for bikers. A guy who cancelled his trip because he was bitten by dogs had sent himself some supplies in advance. Because he wasn't going to make it he asked the lady at the shop to hand it out to bikers. It was some mre's, outmeal, propane and bit o' honeys. Took some bit o' honeys and said thanks. Geez, feel bad for that guy.

That last thirty miles was a blast. It was a really hot day. So it's kind of nice to ride in the late evening with the setting sun.

Also changed up the plan a little bit. Gonna head further south to Tenn. My buddy recently bought a house just outside of Nashville. Were only 70 miles north of Nashville. So why not drop down and check it out.

We finally made it to the trans America bike trail today. We were on it for a little bit but kept going. We'll catch back up to it on the flip side. Did meet quite a few bikers in the past day. It's fun to see and chat with other folks on a similiar mission. I'm tired, long day and the time change. Thanks for reading along.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Lucky in Kentucky!

Another Epic day on the road. What a refreshing, rejuvinating experience here in Lexington, KY. Met so many great folks just in the course of a day.

Last night when we arrived at the hotel I saw a commercial for So I went online and found out they were having a pilgrimage tonight. Meet up at a local park for some horduerves and then head to a blue grass concert followed by the food co-op in town for desert and coffee. You had to register by 5pm last night so we just missed that. Today we went to a local bike shop to get tuned up.(Pedal Power) Needed it after almost the 1000 miles we've done so far and the miles training before that. One of the guys in the bike shop hooked us up with Tim one of the organizers of Bike Lexington and we were in.

The rest of the night was spent talking about the trip and what was going on here in Lexington. One of the dudes has a pedaled power smoothie bizz called, Great idea for a small bizz, he will even build one for you. We were hanging at a local bar after the co-op called Marikka's. They had a ton of pool tables, dart boards and beach volleyball in the back. How great is that! Just hanging out in Lex at your local haunt and playing on a sand court. They also had the largest selection of beers I think I've seen. One of them was Monty Python themed called the Holy Grail. Bourbon is also really popular down here. Supposed to be biking by all the bourbon distilleries tomorrow on our way to Bardstown, KY. There is a state park that we are going to camp at called "My Old Kentucky Home State Park." Just love the name.

Everyone wanted to make sure I tastes kentucky Bourbon. Oh well, I'll just have to wonder. They also have a local soda down here called Ale 8. Haven't tried it yet, but going to be in Kentucky for a few more days. They say if you like Mountain Dew you'll dig it.

Started the day out pretty early with a deluxe breakfast here at the Springhill Marriot. They have quite the spread. From waffles you make yourself to eggs and oatmeal. Really good for a free continental breakfast at hotel. Then it was off to the bike shop and a tour around Lexington before the 90 minute massage. Sick deal, $35 for a 90 minute massage. It was nice and relaxing, a little bit soft on the pressure but welcome none the less.

Got another really good deal today as well. Was at another bike shop here in town. Need some gloves for my hands they are getting warn from holding the handle bars for so long. This rep for Smith sunglasses came in while I was there. I just broke my Smiths the week before the trip and missed them. I have a back up pair but they have been killing me during the day. They are really heavy and cumbersome. Asked him if he had the pair I like and he didn't. But ended up buying a different pair that sell for $140. He hooked me up below cost for $50. They are polarized which is super important to me. Was going to need to get a pair down the road anyways. Another one of those right place, right time. Thanks Willy!

Really excited still about the next couple of weeks. Gonna meet up with my boy DJ down in Hardin, KY this Memorial Day weekend. Tomorrow should be a pretty smooth 60 mile day to the campground. Then the next three days should be 70 miles each. The following weekend we'll most likely be in St. Louis.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kentucky Dog Chase

It has been great the past few mornings waking up and biking to the smell of fresh cut grass and honeysuckle! Better than the toxic sludge that drips from the back of the private sanitation trucks back at home. The opposite end of that is Hay Fever. Had a few more uncontrollable sneezing attacks today.

How come nobody out here drinks wheat grass. They could have it by the gallon. Is that just a NY thing?

Today was the first of many Centuries! About 105 miles in total today. Made it all the way to Lexington, KY. Sitting in the Marriot here by the University. Got a great deal on a fabulous hotel. Free breakfast, heated pool, jacuzzi, laundry and internet. Good stuff! Then the girl that checked us in told me she just graduated from massage therapy school. So I found out I can go to her school and get a 90 minute massage for $35. That is a sick deal and my body can use it.

It was a tuff start this morning. Woke up on top of the Carter Caves campground. It was some fun down hill and not so fun uphills. No breakfast in my belly and the closest town was ten miles away. Took about 23 miles to get into the groove of things. After that is was pretty smooth sailing. Last night I was really tenderoni on the bottom side. Then this morning if I could imagine what my bung hole looked like. Well it felt like it must have looked like an inside out plunger. Sorry to be so graphic but spending that much time with direct pressure on one part of your body can do some damage. The A&D oinment works good for lube but doesn't cure the swelling. The thought of doing 100 miles today was just defeating. But like I said once the groove was caught it was a great day.

At least 25 dogs chased me today. That is no exageration. People do not tie up their dogs here in KY. I thought WV was bad. At one point I was Malachi Crunched by to sets of dogs coming from both sides of the road. Sometimes they nip at my saddle bags. It's a bit scary with traffic coming in both directions. They are pretty good too, they wait til you get right next to them and then attack. One poor dog was disoriented or something today and came within a hair of getting squashed right next to me. This big dump truck filled with black top didn't come to a stop. This dog was right in the middle of the street and wouldn't budge. Finally it started to move just enough to avoid being hit. The driver didn't have a care in the world. Shows how careful even we have to be.

So excited about this upcoming and the next weekends. Gonna try and make it down to the south western corner of the state to meet up with my old buddy DJ. It's his birthday today and would be good to spend Memorial Day weekend with him and his family. The following weekend going to try and make it up to St. Louis and hang with some guys from the summer house. That's something to really look forward to, seeing some familiar friendly faces.

Other than that, just super grateful to be healthy and still going.(Except for a little sunburn from was blaring out) The bike is rocking and rolling. Gonna swing by a bike shop here in town tomorrow for a tune up. Thanks for all your comments, text and support along the way. Helps me keep peddling. Since I'm doing this on the hotel computer there won't be any pix. But I will post some tomorrow for certain. I just figured out how to erase multiple photos on my Iphone today. Had about 2250 pix on there. Just erased about 1500 so I can take plenty more. Was trying to take a photo of a sign earlier and it said not enough space.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ryan 2.1

Two weeks and 1 day. Seems like an eternity ago that we departed NYC. Eating dinner at the lodge here in Carter Cave state parks campground. After riding just over 80 miles from Point Pleasant WV.

Today was some good riding. The best weather we've had thus far. The first part of the day in WV was mostly flat. As soon as we got to Kentucky it was like, "hi, welcome to kentucky. Get ready to climb.". But what goes up must come down. Excruciating end to the day. We get to the camground and then it was three more miles uphill to the campsite. When I rolled in there were six young boys hanging out making water balloons. Told them to fire at will. They were like, "we're not ready though.". So I told them I would come back around. Didn't have time, they came and found me. Then they bombarded Rich when he rolled in. It was definitely welcomed.

Lunch at Hillbilly Hotdogs was pretty cool. A place I would have never come across not for this trip. Also went through Huntington, WV. That is where Marshall is. From that movie where their like, we are Marshall. Think it was Denzel.

They had a Starbucks in town. First shot of espresso I've had since I left ny. Thanks Eileen, I used the gift card you gave me for my bday. Maybe it's that and the dried apricots that has me sitting where I'm sitting typing this blog.

Other than that I saved a few more turtles today. Took one from right on the center yellow line to safety. So many dead ones on the road. Plenty of roadkill period.

Thats it for now. We'll see how tomorrow goes. May try to make it all the way to Lexington, KY. Just over a 90 mile ride. Thanks for reading along.

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2 weeks

Just played "take me home country road" at The Mothman diner here in town. There was a movie called the Mothman Prophecy about this town with Richard Gere a few years ago. It's a great little town right on the Ohio river.

I was right! That place I thought was a coffee shop is a gambling den. There all over the place down here. Asked one of the locals. He was like, "that's where you go to lose your money, but they serve free food.".

We did just over sixty miles from Parkersburg today. The hotel we're staying at is supposedly haunted. It is a classic hotel. Skeleton key to get into the rooms. Our room is huge with a bathroom in between the bedroom and the living room. Old school big boxy fake wood finish tv. Great wall paper, art work and furniture. Just a ton of old school charm.

Earlier today about 8 miles into the ride I stopped at a gun show. Never been to a gun show. 4 bux to get in, what could I lose? Knifes, guns and gun wielding good ole boys everywhere. It was held at the Lubbeck fire department. Wasn't supposed to but I took some pix. The knife guy was like, "pick it have to know what a knife feels like in your hand.". The gun guys weren't so forward. I did hold an AR15. Asked the guy to take a pic of me holding it. He said no pix. There was also some Nazi ww2 memorebelia.

A few miles down the road after that I got attacked. You could see the pollen flying through the air. My body went into this uncontrollable sneezing fit. Never experienced anything like that. Luckily I had some sudafed with me. It happened a few hours later in the day as well.

Just going to post some pix now. Stopped to take pic of this ford from the 1920's. Met the woman who owned the home. She was real sweet. Also had a cool barn in her yard. The car belonged to a neighbor who is trying to sell it. She told me she hosted a couple of people about ten years ago who were going across country on horse back. That's pretty cool. Didn't think that would be possible.

One thing I can say about WV is it has amazing wildlife. Seen so many different animals down here. Birds of every color and size. Pheasants, finches, cardinals and even a bald eagle. Today a deer crossed right in front of a deer crossing sign. That is the first time i've ever seen that in my life.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

West Virginia

What can I say? Well give me a second to think about that. That's been said almost everytime I've asked someone a question. There is a reason why men don't ask questions.

I miss NYC, my comfort zone. But it is good to see how the other half lives. Just tonight I was walking back from Wendys where I ate dinner. Right after, I litterally said " what did u just do to yourself?". Had some chipolte spiced chicken that had a revolting sauce on it. My body was like, what did u just consume. Anyways just wanted a quick meal and I'm paying for it. Then again there's not toany options on the road.

After "dinner" I saw a place called Central Perk City. Thought it was a coffee shop. Maybe a shot of espresso could wash out the chemical taste from Wendys. Mind you, this establishment has no windows. The sign out front has a steaming coffee cup on it. I walk in and feel like I'm in illegal gambling club in ny. There was a handwritten sign that read you have to be of legal drinking age to get into this establishment. Then there was another big door you had to be buzzed into with a camera right above your head.

Quickly backed out of this joint and walked towards the hotel. This is a less desirable part of town. There are also some strip clubs on same street. That must be dome type of adult entertainment. Coffee cup on the sign and the name, they fooled me.

What has six cars, multiple dogs not chained up, laundry that's been hanging for over six months, a piece of fast food furniture on the front porch and still hasn't been finished being constructed?

Yesterday the subject talked about falling down. The previous two days I fell four times. Each time locked up in my clipless pedals. First was Morgantown the other day. Stopped to ask some folks if there was a bike shop in town. Just came off a downhill and was in the highest gear. As I tried to take off the pedals didn't budge and I cranked right on my side onto the sidewalk. OUCH! But the ego got me right up and pedaling. I was sore later that day. Fell right on my right arm.

Then yesterday, got stock on a little grass uphill in highest gear and fell right on my right side. A little later down the trail we hit a ton of mud. At one point my wheels just sanked and I tumbled right down again on my right hand side.

Yard sale! Luckily all my stuff is connected to my bike. But my iPod was sitting there in the mud like a frog peering it's head out. Just the tip of it was showing. That was it for the iPod. Better that than my phone though. This morning it started to work again. The screen is a bit water logged, so we'll see if it recovers.

Then last night almost yo the campground and I go through this small puddle. Wrong! Turns out to have been a tractor tire path that was very deep. My wheel went right in and this time I fell on my left side. Again directly into the mud. Alls I could do was laugh get to the campground shower and wash the mud out.

I want to take pictures of people down here. There are some characters. The stuff people wear! Almost indescribable. Maybe I'll try to take some candid shots. I'll also take a pic of the coffee place I was talking about.

Millepede. Some of the things were contending with. Also last night I gave rich a pb&j that he left in his tent when we went to the lodge. When we came back a pesky racoon helped himself to the sandwich. Oh, and he didn't use the zipper. Burrowed a hole right through the meshing.

Had to go to the lodge on top of the mountain to get service. Kind of fun biking down the mountain in the dark with just my small Petzl head lamp. Saw this in the lodge.

These guys were kayaking in the river we camped next to. Thanks for reading along!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

From falling waters to falling down.

Made it to West Virginia. Camping out in North Bend state park today. Beautiful campground!

This is the first time I've seen scaffolding for tombstones. These were from the 1850's.

Check out these fools on a mission. Ted and Coleen. Two folks that have done a ton of touring that I've run into the past two days.

Yesterdays GPS reading. 75 miles and almost 7500 calories burned. Today was just over a fifty mile day. It's been tuff finding service here in WV. Had to bike up a mountain tonight to make this happen. Better save and post before I lose another entry. Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some more pix from today. Tired, eating dinner the going to see Robin Hood. Another epic day along the Aleghany rail trail. Stopped in Ohiopyle end checked out Frank Llyod Wrights falling water home he designed for the Kaufmans.

Another great 70 mile day. Thanks for reading along. Safe, sound and dry at the Super 8 motel in Uniontown. Needed to dry out after the past two days in the rain.

Met some really great folks today. Thanks again for all the good info Brad and Wendy. Brad owns the bike shops in Confluence. Such a cool town.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

More pix.

Sorry, I would like to do everything with one upload but the app bugs out when I try. Just some pix from the past couple of days.

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Some old timey PA stuff.

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Day off...rain delay!

It was time for a day off anyways. Woke up late last night to pelting rain in the tent. Had to get up real fast and gather my river washed clothing from getting soaked. Then it was back to bed with the subtle sounds of trains a passing by. This town has two crossings, so the mile long freight train has to blow it's wistle excessively in the middle of the night due to some regulations by the railroad. Got ear plugs for tonight.

The tempeture going down to 40 degrees is a whole other story. Let's see how my camping gear and rear hold up. Met the guy who owns the hostel in town while picking up dinner. He reminds of the walmart driver I met in York. He kept saying, "Kansas is going to be long boring ride!". Like this guy tonight, "it's gonna be cold out there tonight.". Ok, I get it. Live and let live my man.

Back on the road in the AM. Today was good, relaxed and got the next week to ten days planned out. By that time we will hit the trans America bike trail.

Time to head back to the campsite and build a campfire.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010 infinity and beyond!

Yeah boy! Day 8 and feeling great!

Yesterday I did two post and lost both on my Iphone. That kind of sucked, but whatever. Wasn't meant to be. Right now I am about to watch my favorite show on TV, Breaking Bad. It's the only show I will have to watch every week til it ends. Luckily the campground I am staying at has AMC in there game room and a computer. Life is Good!

Wow, so yesterday morning we woke up at the Town Hill Bed and Breakfast. Earlier today I posted some pix of the breakfast. They really are a bed and one of the best breakfast I've ever had. Donna baked us a Alabama Tomato Pie along with everything else you can imagine. From homemade bisquits to juices, teas and coffee. Off the charts. Just got an e-mail from them tonight letting us know that a couple, Meg and Tom who we camped next too last night was staying there tonight. Good call guys! Again, thanks a million Dave and Donna. Will definitely send more folks your way and see you in the future.

The best part about waking up at Town Hill is the epic down hill you get to do in the morn. Went the fastest I've ever registered on a bike to date, 45 MPH. That was super exciting to go that fast. It was also an 8 mile down hill ride to the C & O trail head. So coasting for 8 miles is a great way to start the day. I also posted a picture of Bills place. A honky tonk bar in the middle of no where. Had all that money stapled to the ceiling. A group of bikers called the Booze Fighters rolled up while we were there. They are fighting for the booze ever since 1946 I found out. One of the oldest bike crews around. C & O stands for the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. It's where the mules used to pull the barges up and down the canals. So it makes for a great bike path.

Yesterday had lunch in Old Town, MD. At the Old Town High School. Which hasn't been in use since 2000. They had all there graduating class pictures since 1925 up on the walls around the cafeteria. The average class was about 20. Now some woman named Katinka runs the restaurant and her son restores classic cars in the rest of the building. He had some sick cars he was working on. Can't post picks because I'm on a desktop at the campground.

Last night was our first night camping out. Not to bad, just had to adjust from city living to sleeping in a tent. It was great and a beautiful site rite on Potomac. Except for the fact it was right next to a rail yard where the noise was off the charts. The loudest place I've ever spent the night in my life. If you've been to my place you know that is hard to beat. So I'm looking forward to a peaceful nights sleep after breaking bad right next to the river down here. Wasn't feeling to good after my swim in the Potomac last night either. Then this morning at breakfast I found out you shouldn' be swimming in there.

Met some great folks in Cumberland where we had breakfast. Kurt at the bike shop there was super helpful. He's written a couple of Civil War bike touring books himself. He let us use his computer to route out our day. Which we had to switch up. We came back north a bit to save on some of the hills. We have been following this bike trail that goes all the way from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. We are going to cut west just north of here and then back south to a place called Berea and catch the Trans America Bike trail. Today was just about another 50 mile day. Yesterday was supposed to be our day off and was a 50 mile day as well.

I'll post some pix tomorrw when I get service. Have a picture of a snake I came across. This thing was almost 7 feet long. First thing to tomorrow is a trip to the Post Office. Sending a bunch of stuff home. Weighed my bike at Kurt's bike shop and it was over 80 LBS. That is insane. Think it was 31 LBS with just the racks. Another 50 LBS of stuff. Time to unload. Make this trip a little easier.

Thanks for reading along. Sorry to inundate you with so much, but got to use the computer while I can. Service seems to be thinning out with my phone. Also have not been to one place with internet access since Philly.

Pix from yesterday

Lost two post to the blogesphere yesterday. Here's some pix. 20 miles into a 26 mile climb. Just taking a break with a sick view.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Elevation 1810

Sitting in a bed and breakfast in Maryland.
The hills here in Appalachia are alive and well. Day 6 and I'm feeling stoked. My body and gear seem to be holding up just fine.

Tonight I got up to the top of a steep ass hill and stopped to take some pix and cool down. Luckily there was a b n b because the thunder was just starting to rumble. As I was waiting for Rich I started talking to the owner Dave. Nice guy were actually hanging out now. When Rich got up the hill he was like this is where were staying. He was done for the day and I was ok with that.

The coolest thing is Dave told me the race across America sets up shop right across the street in the parking lot. It's cool to know I'm taking some of that same course. Dave and his wife claim that some of the riders said these hills are tougher that the Rockies. Well there's another 150 miles of this. Could be slow going the next couple of days. Tomorrow is supposed to be a day off. We may do a 40 mile day into Cumberland.

Dave the owner of the bnb is pretty awesome. He loaned us his Surburban to go down the hill to Exxon to grab dinner. They have a restaurant connected. It was hot open roast beef sandwich for dinner. Now we're just talking about advertising his place. This place is sweet, 25 rooms and a great view.

That's it, I'm hitting the sack. Thanks for reading along.

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