Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10th

This is a cool date for me. It's a week before my Birthday. Today was my Grandmothers Birthday. One of the coolest woman I've ever known. It was the day I arrived in California 16 years ago. After driving from Atlanta for three days in my 74' Nova. So just a day that has marked some cool times for me. Today I'm heading to the Tartan Parade here in NYC. Listen to some bag pipes and hang with some Scott Irish.

One month from now will be the departure date for my next adventure. Hence the name of the blog. Long Haul Trucker is the name of the bike I'll be taking across the country. It's been a wild few weeks since this was planned. A friend and I talked about this years ago. The time and opportunity has presented itself and it's going to happen. I've wanted to do it ever since high school when my friend Jack told me about his trip.

Going to be about a three month adventure. Great time to see the country. Really see the country close up. Get away from this noisy rat race of a city. Get away from my computer and my every day routine. Great way to drop, I'm thinking about thirty pounds. All and all I'm getting more and more excited by the day. Also a little bugged out with all the planning. There are a ton of websites which have great info about everything you can think about.

It's been fun training so far. Just picked up my new bike the other day. Did a nice ride over the George Washington bridge over into Jersey. Have a lot more training to do before departure.

The idea of the blog is to share this with people in my life. Everybody I've told about this adventure gets really excited for me. Just yesterday in Ft. Green Brooklyn I walked into a bike shop and met a kid named Cassidy that worked there. He told me he did the ride back in 95'. He also met his wife on that adventure. So just talking and meeting new people is going to be the best part of all this. This is going to be a great way to say follow me for the ride. Have a great weekend!

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