Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Sunday!

No biking the past two days at all. It's okay, I'll be back on tomorrow. Gonna bike uptown over the 59th street bridge thru LIC into Brooklyn and come over one of the downtown bridges. Had a friend from San Diego in town since Friday night. He's not so into biking and I d0n't want to be a bad host. That doesn't mean we didn't get plenty of exercise. Yesterday we marched in the Tartan parade. Supposedly Scots Irish or something. I don't know the difference. I just like bag pipes!

Two of my favorite sounds in the world are bag pipes and childrens laughter.

Why do Scottsman wear kilts? Because sheep can hear a zipper from a hundred feet away. Heard that one yesterday.

Not much done for the bike trip today. Yesterday I began setting up the website I'll attach this blog to. It's called The same name as the blog. But, did get a ton of walking in during the past two days. Beautiful NYC days they were. From Central Park to Fort Green Park. Today had lunch in Ft Green and went to the BrooklynFlea. An indoor/outdoor flea market in the bank building in Ft Green. The coolest part was the old bank safes in the basement and 1st floor. Huge safes with huge doors. The building is also very cool itself with some interesting vendors of wears and good assortment of foods.

Walked over the Brooklyn Bridge because the C train wasn't running to S Portland where I initially planned on ending up. C must stand for C@#$! It was a great walk with dumb tourist everywhere. People move the F@#$ out of the way. There are other people on the bridge and cyclist whizzing by. Argh, don't get me started. Another good reason I'm getting out of this city. It's all fine and dandy, but come on. Know your surroundings. Realize that there are other people that may be moving at a different pace.

Then cruised around Brooklyn Heights and over the Promenade. Most definitely one of the best views of Manhattan bar none. You can see downtown, the Statue from France and the bridge I have for sale.

So all in all two good days of plenty of walking. Which is also really good for the body. But, when hosting a friend from out of town you have to eat. So there was plenty of that too.

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