Monday, August 9, 2010


That's the amount of the reward for the escaped convicts from Arizona. Time to head back down to Yellowstone and make some moola. Could you imagine being on your family vacation that sometimes people plan years in advance. You really have to book your stay in Yellowstone about a year in advance to stay in one of their facilities. Camping is not that big of deal but for RVs you have to reserve well in advance as well. So you finally get to Yellowstone and there are two stone cold killers on the lose. Your not only looking for Grizzlies but gun toting thugs ready to rob and kill you. Just read one of them was caught in Meteetsee. I biked right through there not to long ago. A lady was sitting on the steps of a church chatting one of the escapees up and went home and saw him on the news. Easy way to make 40K.

Just sitting at the public Library here in Skagway, AK. A few hours before I have to board the ferry for my three and a half day excursion to Bellingham, WA. My friend Casey from San Diego is going to meet me there. From there we will go from Vancouver down the coast as far as we can in two weeks. He may actually bike to Reno and drop me off at Burning Man. Which I'm so looking forward to. It is a bike community. Maybe I'll get some props for riding the whole way there. But that is basically the only way to get around while your there. Anybody else coming or want to go?

Stocked up on some food for the next few days. Alaska has been great for a lot of reasons. Mainly because I have been preparing all my own food which I really have never done. In NY it's so easy to be a bachelor. Not always the best option do to cost but then again it all depends on what your noshing, Eh! I was writing A, then realized it's EH! Fuck that noise, it's so annoying, EH! Glad to be out of the Yukon. No offense to my Yukonian friends. After eating so much crappy food with bad service that is way overpriced I became proactive. Anyways, it's a big deal for me. Now it's mostly PB$J's the next couple of days. Started to get a little fancy with those as well. Great to sprinkle some granola on the sandwich then sandwich it together for some crunch and goodness. One day had some left over pancakes and made PCPB&Jw/G. Now I just need to get bettered equipped for the road to make some meals and coffee. That could ended up saving me a lot of coin in the long run.

Sent out almost 50 postcards in the past couple of days. This one coffee shop I was hanging at had color pencils. So some of the cards are going to be quite colorful. They also had a little public sketch book which I found cool. You can doodle it and just leave it there. Kind of like an old school black book. Years ago graffiti writers would carry a book and hand it off to other writers to take and do a piece in. I'm sure it still goes on.

Today I ordered my Pacific Coast maps for the next leg of the trip from Adventure Cycling. Having them sent to Casey's house. It's good to have them this way you know what your looking at. For instance, the last week of riding from Missoula to Bellingham we were in for quite a surprise. Who would have know the Cascade Mountains were really mountains. Thought it was going to be a breeze getting to the coast. Big mistake, hurt Achilles and some of the toughest riding yet. 6000 feet of climbing and 100 mile days builds character though. Was on a mission to make that ferry to AK. Definitely glad I did. Have seen some amazing sights and met some truly terrific people. Ak will remain in my heart forever. Anyways, the maps are going to be key for topography. Gonna need to know what I'm facing in the next couple of weeks to plan accordingly.

Well my half hour is up here at the public library. The Internet at the hostel is super slow. Also the machine is quite outdated. This thing is super speedy fortunately. Thanks for all the kind words and comments. Make sure your having fun!


  1. Ryan,

    Glad to hear you will be back on the mainland soon. Enjoy the ferry.
    Take care.
    Be safe.
    Have fun!!!

  2. For easy packing, I use tortillas for my PB&J's. No worry about squashed bread. As a bonus, you can roll up just about anything in a tortilla.

  3. i am officially caught up to date on lhr. i didn't read a single post until 2 or 2 days ago, but as soon as read the first post, i cracked out and started blowing through them. its like when you get a good tv show on dvd, and you go crazy and watch every episode in one day. now i have to wait until the broadcast premiere...

    btw... i'd love a postcard. i'll text you my address tmw.

  4. Can't wait to see some pics!!!

  5. When do i get to see you fool i got my post card thanks!