Monday, August 16, 2010

Just made it to Victoria BC today! Another bitchin' spot on the tour. Took the ferry from Vancouver to Swartz Bay here on Vancouver Island. Then it was just over a 20 mile bike ride down to Victoria that turn into about a 40 mile ride since we took the scenic route following the water. Amazing architecture and natural beauty. Reminds me a lot of the North East. Looks a bit like Rhode Island, Maine and Mass up here.

Staying at another Hostel right in the heart of downtown. People of all ages from all over the world. Just like Vancouver where I heard so many different languages, more than any place else I've ever been. Truly an international city. So funny too, ran into Aubyn's dad right in the middle of downtown. Aubyn is the girl I met in Haines at the state fair and stayed with in Whitehorse, YT. Casey and I were hanging at a Starbucks watching the sunset and I see him in the back of a cab. Called out to him but he was gone. A few minutes later he rolled back over to say, "hello." He was staying a hotel just two blocks from there. Wearing his "hanging with my gnomies" T-shirt. His shirt had three of those travelocity garden gnomes on it. He was off to meet someone and just wanted to come back and say wassup. Just funny to run into that dude of all people in a city I've never been too.

Casey really jumped on at the right time. This leg of the trip has been some of the best so far. From cool ass Bellingham all the way here to Victoria. Some amazing coastal riding with epic sunsets every night.

About to head out and go find something to eat here in Victoria. I'm wiped out right now. Just been sitting in the sun the past three days working on the tan. Feels really good to be back in the blaring sun after being in the AK for a few weeks.

I can see why they ask all the questions at the border now. This place is filled with homeless, junkies and crackheads. Riding around just about an hour ago took this turn and saw a tent set up right in the middle of the street. Literally in the middle of the traffic island on some grass. Then I see a church with a shit ton of homeless and shopping carts all lined up. Then I see this brother down on his knees with a big stem that his buddies are lighting for him. Smoking crack at 8:30 at night right in the middle of the street in front of church. But for the grace of god, there go I.

Last night Casey and I went to see "The Other Guys." Which I can write a whole separate review for. The editing was horrible but the movie definitely was funny. Mark Wahlberg plays a great straight man with Will Farrell. We took a cab to the theater cause we didn't want to lock our bikes up. Bike theft in Vancouver is all time bad. As soon as we pop out the cab we have homeless junkies surrounding us for a loonie or a toonie. Those are the coins they use up here in Canada. A loon is bird and it's on the one dollar coin. The two dollar coin is just called a twoonie cause it's worth two bux. This hunchback woman and this other dude glom right on. Trippy feel. Then we get out the movie and it looks like "Grand Theft Auto." Cops blaring thier sirens. A homeless guy in a wheel chair being pushed by his shirtless friend. Then just skells walking between the alleyways. Another old woman rolls up on us and ask us for change. I told casey this is like a movie or a video game. Just totally looks contrived and seems unreal. Guess that socialized deal is real appetizing for folks looking for a free ride.

So if you've never stayed in a hostel, too bad. It's a scene upon itself. Fun to meet folks from all over and just watch how these ant farms operate. Communal living for a day or two and then new folks coming through. Casey was like with the money we spent we could have just gotten a hotel of motel. Sometimes it's just easier to stay at a hostel. Computers, kitchens, the internet and live entertainment with good people watching. They also are usually very centrally located. The ones we've stayed at this week have been really cool with tons of great art work.

Time to go eat some grub. Stay tuned!


  1. That sounds insane, like night of the living dead, lol

    When are you gonna bless u with pics????

    Can't wait to see that tan ,)

  2. Ryan, I was in Vancouver for a few days once, and remember it exactly how you describe. Take a wrong turn and end up in junkie alley. And yeah, there's a lot of crime as a result, so be aware. Weed is also basically legalized in one part of town, and they have Amsterdam-like coffee shops where it's ok to smoke. Pretty wild.

    I remember a cool park on one side of town where I'm sure there are great walking/biking trails. It's nearish to the water - you've probably already checked it out.

    Also -- and I know you're on a budget so this may not be feasible -- but I ate one of the most delicious meals of my life at an Indian restaurant called Vig's. It's right over one of the bridges, here's a link.

    Maybe you can mug one of the junkies and treat yourself to a killer meal. ; )

  3. Congrats man on an epic trip! I cruised the KATY trail with you back in May in MO and its awesome to see how far you've gone! I've just started my next long haul over in afghanistan...would much rather be on my bike. Its not too bad here and the weather is pretty decent right now.

    Happy travels!

  4. Sounds like your having an awesome time, I've got to go home on Monday!

    When I was staying in Fairbanks I watched that film with the bunk beds in, so I see what you mean now.

    Keep pedaling!