Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vehicle Prowl!

Woke up at 2:00 a.m. to "Police Department!" Flashlight shining on my tent with the shadow of a big terminator looking figure showing through my tent. This was just after falling back to sleep from being woken up by the parks sprinkler system. We rolled onto the Olympic Peninsula in the late afternoon on the ferry from Victoria. After a few hours of riding and then dinner it was already dark. Not in AK anymore where it stays light til Midnight. That comes in handy sometimes. So after eating some pasta we crashed in a park right across the street from the restaurant instead of cruising 4 miles more in the dark to the campground. Which we biked by this morning and it looked bitching!

So after I wake up to Casey laughing about the sprinklers coming on it was round two, the PO PO. Well Casey didn't bring a tent. He has a sleeping bag and a tarp. Trying to fall asleep next to a biggy Jiffy Pop is more like it. Him tossing and turning and crinkling. So about midnight we got pelted with a sprinkler assault. My tent was nice and dry. Then he woke me up again this morning right at 7:00 a.m. Dude let me sleep! "Come on Ry, we gotta get going!" Where dude, we're gonna get there. Yo, I'm not in a rush to get anywhere. I just rushed across the U.S. and that was OK. But out here in the West it's time to chill. So far every place I've gone I could have stayed. Vancouver was a blast and over in Victoria it was just as cool. My new philosphy is to kick it hard if I'm enjoying some place. This dude is in a rush to get somewhere. Oh well, you always got to iron out the kinks. We're just on same trip with different agendas at the moment.

I'm sitting at the Apple store about 5 miles from Pikes Place where we are staying at the Green Tortoise. Yup, another hostel. Sick location, right across from the Pike Place market. When we rolled into Seattle I started calling around for the new IPhone. Called AT&T, Radio Shack some Mac Store and no one had the phone. Called the Apple store and they said, yup. Be right there homes. Got on the whip and cruised right over. Casey and I had about a 60 mile ride today. Quite a hilly fun ride at that. Riding around the Olympic Peninsula is really a beautiful ride. Kind of looks like Jurassic Park over there. Nice winding hilly roads that meander along the coast. We road from Sequim(SQUIM) to Bainsbridge Island today. Think Casey was a little beat. He was suprised I was going to hop back on the bike to go get my phone. I've been waiting almost 2 months for this thing. There was no stopping me.

It was one more ferry ride over from the Peninsula. Feel like I've been on every ferry up this way lately. Really nice to get out on the water. Some great views you wouldn't otherwise see. Great angles and perspectives of the cities and landscapes.

Vehicle Prowl! What the fuck is a vehicle prowl? Thought we were going to get kicked out or ticketed for sure. Woken up out of deep sleep from the Police Department while stealth camping. So he starts questioning us. Casey laying there in his tarp with the light shined on his face. That must have been some sight! Me in my Taj Mahal, as Casey calls it. We ask what a vehicle prowl is. He tells us a car got broken into. I'm not even sure how he found us. We were off the beaten path and behind some bushes. That must be a really safe town to live in. So after a few questions and his keen detective skills he realized it wasn't us. He was like, "well I guess one night won't kill us." He asked us where we from and was like later. That was really cool of him. Time to get back to sleep now. One of the problems of stealth camping. Well I guess it wasn't so stealth.

Getting dark again and I got to bike back downtown to shower up and hit the scene. Time to grab some grub. Stay Tuned! Get it?


  1. Don't the Green Tortoise people run a bus up and down the coast?

  2. oh spinklers... makes you joyful to have a good tent!