Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heading wester

It's been a fantastic couple of rest days in Missoula. Tonight we hiked up to a peak and had a great view of the whole town. It was our host Rachel, Luke, Lee and the two dogs. Tucker and Rupert.

The day started at the offices of Adventure Cycling Association. Had to map out our next seven days to Bellingham to be on their by next Friday to catch the ferry. It only leaves on Fridays. From what I hear it's going to continue to be a gorgeous ride to Bellingham.

We invited Greg Siple out to eat with us and he said yes. He's one of the four founders of the organization. It was awesome to hear about how it all started from one of the founders. He gave us a great history and a plethora of other info. After lunch we went back to the office and he helped us plan tomorrows route. Also ate some more ice cream. That's all I heard from riders on our way west. "make sure to stop by the ACA offices and get some free ice cream."

Free Ice Cream: I want that to be the title of the documentary I'm going to make about the organization. Well in the back of my mind I would love to make a documentary about the ACA. Can't believe one hasn't been done yet. Footage of people that walk into the offices that are out touring. Send a crew out to film some of the tours they run. To showing some film clips from the bikecentennial trip. The first ride they did back in 1976. It would be a wonderful web to weave and put together on screen to share with the masses. I never even heard of the ACA til just before this trip.

We had some great host the past couple of days. The first night we rolled in they cooked us a delicious dinner. Last night we made pizzas. Tonight we spent the evening downtown at an event called "out to dinner.". Live music and food venders right in the middle of downtown along the river.

The river, we went tubing down it today. The water was a bit cold and it was still a blast. We also jumped off a bridge along the river. Such a fun day off the bike seat. Planned on going to see Sublime featuring Rome tonight. They were playing at a local theater here. Was upset I missed the Sublime coverband in St. Louis. It was just to nice out to be indoors. Oh well, down the road.

One more

epic day to add to the many. Hopefully I'll have service as we push west. Thanks for following along. Who wants to come up to Alaska?

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  1. Hi Ryan just caught up w the last two entries...give this man a tv, book and movie deal...maybe that's not the whole point of this, appreciate the man in the library story, Alaska smart cream!! Greetings from the hazy days of Summer in NYC.

  2. Damn.... SKINNY.... Stay safe son.