Saturday, July 10, 2010

West coast time

Tomorrow we will be on west coast time. That's as soon as we hit the Montana Idaho border. Just biked over a hundred miles today and am camped out at the Plains fairgrounds. Plains is a town here in MT. We had a late start on a long hot day.

It was tuff to leave Missoula. Such a fun town surrounded by beautiful mountains with some amazing people. But it was time to press on. Our plan was to make it a little further down the road to Thompson Falls. Thought it was going to be a 102 mile day. Turned out to be more with blazing sunshine and Lee got three flats. So that slowed us down a few times.

We just went to a hot springs before camping out for the night. Just on the other side of Paradise is Quinns hot springs. Good times on Friday night after pedaling all day. Paradise is another town here in MT. We made a connection with somebody from Bellingham there and found a place to stay. Always a plus.

Met some guys that work for the forrest service there. They are contracted to protect the white something something. Some pinenut that grizzlies eat. They cover them in mesh so the birds and squirrels won't eat all of them. Basically thirty something year old men that get paid to climb trees for a living.

I'm really tired and have six more long days ahead. Just wanted to drop a line while I could. It was another gorgeous day of riding. We rode interstate 90 for over 60 miles today. You can do that here in MT. A bunch of drunk dudes are here in the park we are and are going rafting right now. It's almost 1am. They invited us to come through the rapids with them. Montana folks are nice! Thanks anyways boys, gotta get some rest for tomorrow.

Time for sleep. Thanks for reading along.

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  1. Hi Ryan,

    Read about your journey so far. It's great reading! Keep it up! You're welcome to stay with us in Australia when you get there... ariehendriks1 at
    Best wishes from Linda and Arie