Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last night was my first night of stealth camping. After over another 100 mile day with over 6000 feet of climbing it was time to sleep. Super long day that ended around 11. We pulled into Twisp after descending loup loup peak. 8 miles of descending in the dark. There was a campground on the peak but it was too cold.

Met a couple of tourers doing the ACA northern tier tour yesterday.

I pulled ahead of Luke and Lee down the mountain. They were being a little more cautious. Stopped at this church where I saw three tweens coming out of the gym. Asked them about camping behind the church and they showed me a good spot. Went back out front and yelled to L&L as they were going by.

We decided to head inti town to see if anything is open. As we were biking in the same three kids threw a water balloon at me as they passed. The kid even told me his name back at the church. So I told the local cop we met in town. Hopefully he'll bust Jonathon McMillan's balls.

It's funny, the north of Montana, Idaho and Washington have not been friendly on the road. We've had more people honking as they drive by. Then a few days ago somebody beamed me with either a peach pit or a cherry. Right in the back. Three punks in a white pick up. So of course I wave to them inciting them back to have a face to face. It's so annoying, assholes on the road. So for the next two hours going down the road I'm looking for the pick up. No luck!

Fortunately my tent is made well. Last night the sprinkler system came on while we were sleeping. The cop told us about this park we could sleep in. But also said he didn't tell us it was ok. Didn't sleep well last night. Heard a few gunshots and some screaming. Don't think stealthing is for me.

My Achilles is doing much better. Still very tender and a bit swollen. Have a limp like a pimp when I walk. But on the bike it's rolling along just fine. Looks like I'm going to catch that ferry after all. L&L changed their minds about going to Alaska. They are going to Bellingham and then south to Portland and San Fran.

I'm excited about my three day cruise to Juneau. Phase one will be complete. Coast to coast. Then phase two is alaska. Down the coast to san Diego is phase 3. Need to start doing some research on Alaska.

Right now were chilling in this little coffee shop bakery in Winthrop, WA. Charging our stuff and ourselves. L&L are playing some form of dominoes. Thanks for reading along.

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Location:Washington 20,Winthrop,United States


  1. 2,896 miles to play checkers

  2. Wow, what a tattle tale! Ratting the kids out over a water ballon, lol!
    You gotta document that pimp walk bro, I'd pay to see that!
    Gun shots & screaming, oh shit kid! Alaska is going to be so sweet!
    Thanks for keeping me laughing! xo

  3. Catherine TrianaJuly 18, 2010 at 6:32 PM

    LOL, Aurora is my mom! How the hell did that happen???