Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh deer!

95 miles and over 6000 feet of climbing. Let's just say it was a long day. You have to click or copy and paste the link to this great video I shot tonight.

We are in Republic, WA. Super day of biking, especially with my injury. But so far it's working. We had some really wild weather today as well. Started out with some pancakes a few miles down the road from where we camped. At this place called The Cabin Grill. They had a bunch of huge tables with pictures of Alaska polyurethaned on them. It's great you can eat breakfast and stare at pictures of glaciers, bear, beautiful scenery and then see pictures of clubbed seals and whaling. Bloody photos of clubbed seals and whale carcasses and blubber while you chow down.

The pancakes and servers was great but we had a full day. Right away we got under way with almost a 2000 foot climb. Back up into the 3000' elevation range. Then back down to 1500 before our 5500 ascent of Mt. Sherman. It was the toughest climb in a lot of weeks. Very reminiscent of the east coast climbing. Felt really good to reach the summit finally.

It was getting really cold out tonight. We're staying at a hotel we got a good deal on here first hotel in a while. They had a hottub which felt great after a long day. Also didn't feel like biking out finding a site and then setting up camp at 10pm.

The climb up Sherman was about 4 hours. The ride down was less than a hour of motoring downhill. We got a little snag climbing the other side. The wind was so severe it knocked a tree down with a power line. So the road was closed.

Decided to go up the hillside and find an alternate route. One ravine, two barbed wire fences and a ton of foliage inside our spokes cranks and sprockets and we were around it. Then we had the road to ourselves except for a few cars that made uturns.

It was a difficult bypass through some tough terrain. My Achilles didn't help much. But didn't feel like burning daylight with so much ground to cover. We were stoked to get around the mess and be pedaling again.

Almost to Bellingham. Looks like I might make that ferry. I'm kind of beat and need some rest. Hopefully that link works. It was a site to see that thing. Have a great week, thanks for reading along. The new software on the iPhone pinpoints where I have taken photos. Here is a shot of that. It shows the route I've taken so far. Oh yeah. Saw a bear today too. He was about ten feet from us before he ran off. Second one in three days. The other was brown. This one was awesome, grayish/blonde.

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