Wednesday, July 7, 2010


That's short for Montana. Sitting in Cara's park right now in picturesque Missoula at an outdoor film festival.

The trip is still smashing. Having a better and better time every mile further down the road. Rich and I went separate ways out of Yellowstone. So we're no longer riding together. Instead I met two cyclists from the university of North Carolina. Met them the night I rolled into Ennis, MT.

Saw there bikes outside of a supermarket earlier that day in West Yellowstone. That morning I felt like staying in that town after being in the park for a few days and it was freezing. Pressed on to Ennis and I'm glad I did. W.Y. is a tourist shithole. The people there sucked and so did the energy.

Ennis on the other hand is a place I could've stayed. Luke, Lee and myself joke we should have stayed in Ennis. That night we ended up at the rodeo. The next morning, fourth of July we went to an all you can eat pancake breakfast at the volunteer fire house. Then it was back to town for an all American 4th of July small town celebration.

It was as American as apple pie. We met this great family at the fire house and they invited us to sit in the back of their pick up that they parked two days before. To get a great spot right in the center of town. We enjoyed the parade and headed for the hills right after. Lee is 19 years old and is a rocket. It is great to be riding with some new guys. We've been drifting each other and fast. Sometimes averaging between 20 and 30 mph. Which is sick on a touring bike.

While camping in Ennis we met a couple of cool chicks that live in Missoula. Rachel and Jenny were cool enough to let us stay with them for a few days. This is just another of the awesome cities I've visited. Went and got a great massage today at the local massage school. The girl was amazing. Felt like I was being massaged for five hours.

So anyways, I'm alive and well. The itinerary has changed just a little bit. After leaving yellowstone I made a decision to go to Alaska. Yup, gonna take a ferry from Bellingham, WA. It will take us to Juneau. The guys I'm traveling with are likely going to join in. It's a there day cruise up there. Once there and on the way up figure out what's going on and spend at least a week there. I'll probably end up on a king crab boat and be on deadliest catch.

Always nice to take a rest day. We stopped by the Adventute Cycling Association offices last night when we rolled into town. We got there a little after they closed but they still let us in to hang out and eat some ice cream. Then we stopped by there again today. They take your photo and post it on the wall. They have ice cream, soda and internet use for cyclers. Another group from Toronto rolled in while we were there. It was great to meet the co founder Greg Siple. He had a lot of fun stories and jokes. Looks like a fun place to work.

It's been almost two weeks since my previous blog entry. No coverage! So much has happened between then and now. Would take me forever to try and play catch up. Yellowstone is insane. One of my favorite places on earth, GO! The past couple of days in MT have been hellish. Trying to keep up with a 19 and a 25 year old is hard enough. Then it's been cold as hell. Really looking forward to the ray of the trip and going to Alaska. Thanks for following along.

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  1. ALASKA??!!! How awesome. It's only gonna get colder the further north you go! Yellowstone is on my list too one day! Sounds like you guys are still having a great time. Awesome stuff! Keep it coming!!