Wednesday, June 23, 2010


One more great day of riding to add to the list The ride from Laramie up here to Saratoga is one to remember. It was great weather with awesome views all day long. Wyoming is such a beautiful state. It was a 30 mile ride to the base of the mountain to a town called Centennial. Stopped there for a cup of coffee and ate a PB&J.

Then it was time for the climb to 10,800 feet. Centennial was at about 8000 ft. Not that any of this matters to you, but it is a bike trip so I'll just throw some facts in there. The woman who owned the coffee shop did the ride the day before. She suggested I take this road that was closed to cars because it got washed out. It was a real pretty ride but then again the whole Forrest was nice. It is called Medicine Bow national Forrest.

I'm boring myself with all these little details. Right now we're staying at this crappy little hotel here in Saratoga and watching Rambo. I'm pretty dang exhausted. Was looking over the next couple of weeks and it looks like I'll be in Seattle around July 14th. In just about a week we'll be in Yellowstone. Then the fourth we'll be spending in Missoula. Getting pretty close to the west coast.

Once I get to Seattle I plan on going up to Vancouver for a couple of days. Then it's back down to the good ol' U S of A and off towards San Diego. Haven't really mapped that out yet but think it should take about a month. Especially since I plan on stopping and hanging with everyone I know that lives down the coast.

Made a pretty big mistake last Friday. Can you guess what it was? Not in a million years. Was getting some really bad jock itch/swampass/crotchrot/rashes/chaffing going on down below. Got the brilliant idea of doing some manscaping. Well figured why not go as smooth as a babys bottom. Something I don't think i've ever done before. This didn't really help and exhasperated the problem. Little man stubble in that area with all the sweat and heat from biking made it worse. If I had to do it over I would have bought some scissors and did some trimming.

Why not add a little more uncomfortabilty to an already long exhausting ride? Today it seemed to be doing a little bit better. Yesterday I was sideways on my seat a day with my hand in my bike shorts adjusting my junk every five seconds. When I wasn't applying chamois cream and A&D oinment. Live and learn!

If your on facebook and we're not friends add me. Ryan Joseph Stepka. I've been doing little clips recently called "Riding the White Line". It's a great way to share a little more of the experience. Love hearing from my friends that this ride is motivating them. One of my buddies just told me he's on a mission to lose 20lbs inspired by this ride. A few of my friends have gotten a few more miles in on thier bikes.

Get out there and go on an adventure. Thanks for following along!

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  1. Hope your rides are going well. This is Jeff, one of the chaps you met on the mountain up past Centennial outside of Laramie, WY. Have a fun and safe rest of the way down to Seattle!

  2. Miss you, Ry! Inspiring for sure. Sounds like an amazing journey — one you will never forget.

  3. I LOL'ed imagining you riding up and down mountains with one hand down your pants making adjustments. Keep it up. Your ride has certainly inspired me to get on the saddle more! I'm up to 4 times a week, though probably put in as many miles in that time as you do before noon.