Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who said Kansas is flat?

Another amazing couple of days of the journey. Still super greatful to be on the road happy and healthy. Right now laying in bed at the Holiday inn holidome in Lawrence, KS. Got a great deal through my priceline negotiator app. Such a cool app you have to check out. I'm watching David Letterman and catching up with my current events.

Today started in Kansas City and was supposed to wind up in Topeka. I texted my buddy Kansas in NYC and he told me Topeka is a "shithole.". I heeded his advice and stopped in Lawrence a great college town with a vibrant energy. The main street through town is called Michigan street. Everything you could want in shops, restaurants and bars in one town. They even had the coolest outfitters shop I've been to thus far. Great layout with all the best in gear you could want. Didn't need anything but still fun to browse around. Great layout in an old brick building.

Then after that it was time to figure where I was going to stay. That's one of the best parts of this trip. Almost never know where I'll be the following day. Even when I plan on being somewhere anything can get in the way. Going the wrong way or a mechanical failure. Even the route I'm going to take is a moment by moment experience.

Like today for instance. Google maps you got me again. Should have known something was up when the paved road ended and the gravel alley began. Then I passed into the university of Kansas's horticultural property. It said to take this access road. That road ended with locked gates. Oops...time turn around and figure out a new route. That fence was too high and dangerous to try and attempt to hop. Even if I did who knows what would have been next.

The cool part of that detour was the tornado shelter I got to check out. There were signs leading up to it on the access road and then it was in the woods. Something I wouldn't have come across if that detour didn't happen. Have to try and remain positive when those things happen. Especially when the back tracking is all up hill.

Got over 40 mph today. Been a few states since that has happened. Hence who said Kansas is flat. Especially this town. Biked through the whole campus here. It's a really hilly campus that is dope. Love the layout and the architecture. There are private homes and cool artwork/sculptures spreadout amongst all the college buildings. It's also at the highest point in Lawrence so everywhere you turn you get a great view.

The past two days were spent in a beautiful home in Leawood, KS. Nicks mom was kind enough to host us for two nights. Even cooler to loan us her car to go into Kansas City to explore. She lives about 20 miles south of the city.

The first night we ened up eating BBQ. We went big that night, too much food. The portions in KC are huge. But it was all good. Then we ened up driving around to some different spots but the city was dead. Nick and Rich were drinking so I drove home. Thankfully the leawood police were kind enough to pull me over. Come on dude! I asked why he pulled me over. I've been driving for 20 years now. Yup, I'm old'. The cop told me he pulled me over because i went into the left lane before making my right hand turn. Caught a bit of an attitude with him. It's like come on bro, you've been tailing me for a few blocks. Not too many cars on the road and your looking for drunk drivers or some action. Really wanted to say show me video proof. How would you even ticket it me for that. Can he really prove that I went into the left hand lane? We showed him Nick's mom INS cars and my license and everything checked out. He let me go with a warning.

Then yesterday was a day off. Nick actually left to go to Austin. His mom still let us stay with her which was sweet. We didn't have to worry about finding another place and we could stay off the saddle. It was also raining all day. We got some shopping and errands done, had lunch and went to the movies.

This was the coolest theater I've ever been to. You purchase your ticket at the kiosk and pick your own seat. Not only was it super high tech but clean and beautifully designed. Rich was super excited about beer they served in actual pint glasses. After the flick I was taking some pix and found out they have the $25 option. You not only get to pick your own seat that is ultra plush but $15 to spend towards concessions. The art of entertainment is changing. Best sound system I've ever experienced as well. The only downer is the movie started 20 minutes late. Not cool! But the movie was a laugh a minute. Get him to the greek.

Then after that it was time for the Lakers game. Found a great sports bar and hung til haltime. Then back to leawood with no coppers.

Thanks for reading along. I'll post some pix with me in them. There has been speculation that this trip has been contrived and I'm in my apartment.

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  1. Ryan was great meeting you last night in Lawrence. I was telling my daughter about your bike,your trip so far and what a laid back guy you were, and she told me I had "Trucker envy"...out of the mouth of babes. Sorry to hear about your run-in with Leawoods finest, surprised you didn't get the "your not from around here are you boy" speech. Enjoy your ride, good luck on "rebooting the hard drive" and stay safe my brother.

  2. damn that tornado shelter looked like one big bushy hole!!! Don"t they have razors in Kansas? HaHaHAHA

  3. Aw, I love Lawrence!! I went to KU and lived there for 7 years - such a great town! BTW, the main street downtown is Mass st. - Massachusetts. :) It's been fun reading about your biking journey.