Thursday, June 10, 2010

Manhattan day 33

Well it was day two biking through hilly Kansas. Another great day of about 100 miles. Tomorrow looks like it's going to be close to a 90 mile day. But we'll see where we end up. We're shooting for this town called Beloite.

Rich and I regrouped tonight here in Manhattan, KS. Found a great place to stay through the site, I hit this kid Eric up who is actually biking across country right now himself. He connected me with Jeff, one of his nine roomates. Jeff was like "bring it!". So Rich and I met up at their house here in town.

Then we rolled through town to one of Jeff co-workers places for some grub. Rod and Jeff work at the local bike shop here in town. So it was fun to just hang out with some nice folks eat some food and just shoot the breeze. There were a few other folks there hanging out including another guy named Dusty who works at the shop. He's also a nutritionist. Which is someone who I would love to have on this trip with us. Someone to guide you through the day to help you get maximum performance. After that we hopped back on the bikes for a tour of the university and some more of the town.

Got another late start today. Didn't get on the road til about 11:30. Instead of back tracking the two miles back into the town of Lawrence I just headed west. Hoping to see a place to stop for breakfast. Nothing! Got through one town and didn't stop at the supermarket which I had mind to do. Then it was over ten miles til I saw anything else. Then that anything else I passed up as well. Was looking for the perfect spot. Then it was 40 miles before I finally found anything. Ended up at this small cafe in the middle of no where. Had coffee and oj in the morning. Then a cliff bar a little while later. Have to learn not to be so picky. Anyways I'm glad I made it. Also need to always have some reserve food and water with me.

After lunch got another 10 miles down the road and found another of Kansas's great community pools. This one cost three bucks and only had one slide and diving board. But totally refreshing after a long sweaty day.

My feet look so funny. My riding sandals leave these great tan lines. It's looks like I have gills on my feet. Will definitely maintain a sweet tan the rest of the summer.

Thanks again for reading along. Things are still hauling along just fine. The bike and my body are holding up. My mantra for the trip is, "have fun dude!". Really looking forward to the rockies and the west coast but trying to enjoy every minute along the way. Super greatful for all the support along the way so far!

Thank you!

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