Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Made it to Laramie, WY today. It was a long uphill climb from Fort Collins. We had about a 3000 foot climb up to 8100 feet then down into Laramie which is at 7200 feet. Except the downhill was into 25 mph headwinds. All and all a tuff day of biking.

Yesterday was pretty liesurely from Boulder up to FC. It was nice after having a weekend "off.". I put off in quotes because it was still a long weekend. Friday we road from Denver to boulder and it was about a 50 mile day. Then Saturday was pretty mellow taking care of some errands and went to see a band. We saw Dawes play at the Fox theater. Great venue that was empty and the band was pretty good.

Friday night I ran into an ex girlfriend that now lives in Boulder. She's also really into cycling. We made a plan to do a ride up to Nederland just 18 miles outside of Boulder. This was an epic ride through this beautiful canyon that was all uphill. Rock climbers all over the canyon on the way up. Then once we got to Nederland it was gorgeous. A small town in the mountains set on a lake with houses nestled everywhere.

There happens to be a dozen dispenceries in this small town. Didn't realize weed was such a cash crop here in CO. Well I'm out of CO but I left my heart there. Love that state. Lilly and I were walking around and ended up checking out one of the dispenceries. A nice local started up a conversation with us. Turns out he's a supplier to this place. He lives about seven miles out of town and has a B&B. Looks like we wouldn't have needed a medical marijuana card to score some bud. Reminded me of being in Amsterdam.

Lilly and I ended up at a party she was invited to up there. It was an awesome house on almost 800 acres of land just outside of town. The propety has trails and cool things all over the property. We checked out the horse stables, the TeePee and just hung out and ate some food and met some more great folks.

Pretty random that my friend from NY recommends riding up there and I run into Lilly who wants to go on the ride with me. Then she's invited to a party on said day. But that's kind of the way of this trip. The pay off of biking uphill for 2 1/2 hours is the downhill. Got up to just over 48mph on the way down. That is fast and it felt good.

It was a fantastic weekend to get some rest and geared up for the rest of the trip. We ended up using www.warmshowers.org to score places to stay the past two evenings. Last night we stayed in FC with this nice couple Tom & Rita. They just completed the ride the Rockies bike tour a few days before. That is a 540 mile tour through the Rockies. It was nice to have a place to stay with some nice folks who have done a lot of touring of thier own.

Then tonight we also used WS to find a place here in Laramie. How cool is that? Another couple named Evan & Kennedy who are also big into biking. He was running a mountain bike race here until about 9:30. So we just hung out in town til Evan called then we headed over.

Had some new break pads put on my bike this morning in FC. Went to a great bike shop called Full Cycle. They went through my bike and tweaked and adjusted it as well. Which is important, prolly won't hit any more shops for a while. Today was a 65 mile day with almost no services. The deeper we get it's going to get worse. Kind of been prepared for this through the last couple of states. It's not like the coastal cities where u just keep hitting town after town.

Not much more to say right now. The trip is still going great. Weighed myself over the weekend and am down to 232 from 249. Not to bad, 17 lbs so far. Feeling healthy and ready for some more beautiful country. I'll try and be more consistant with my blogging as well. Thanks for reading along.

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  1. Wyoming. Nice. Moving right along. Boulder Canyon ride is great, especially the downhill. Can't imagine why you needed new pads. 17lbs? Don't forget, muscle weighs more.
    Great progress, enjoy the spectacle of the Rockies.

  2. Brian thanks for all the kind words and good advice. It's been about 3000 miles of wear since I bought the bike. They were down to the wear line. Figured better replace them when I could. The next few hundred of miles may not see much. Wyoming is wide open, we are in the middle of nowhere. Have a great summer! Look forward to crossing paths again down the road.