Saturday, June 5, 2010

Skinny dipping

Right now I'm laying in a hammock at Coopers Landing campsite in Easly, Mo. Been another long strange hot and exciting day on the road. Planned on being another 20 miles down the road. But you know when you plan God smiles.

Just as we were passing this campground we heard a fun shot. That was my back tire exploding. Luckily we were near the end of the day, biking together and near this sweet campground right on the river. So we rolled vack into camp to survey the situation. Had a full on blow out and a punctured tire. So much for the indestructible expensive Schwalbe tires.

We decided to kick it hear for the night. They had live music, a warm shower, food and a beautiful sunset. Rich befriended this guy named Rick that was overly friendly. I was content with dealing with my tire in the morning. Either trying to make it down the trail the 16 miles to the next bike shop or try and get a ride. This guy wanted to help in a big way. He invited us to come up to his house where he had a few bikes and old rims laying around. He wanted to get it done tonight.

So as the live music was finishing up, the sun was set, people were starting to take off. At first Rich didn't want to take the ride but changed his mind. I'm glad he did. Rick said his good byes to another couple he was hanging with and we hopped in thier mini van with my rim and tire and headed up to there house. We were with Ricks wife Debbie.

As we were going up to the house he was telling us about his 20 acres. We pull up, get out and his wife dissapears. Rick proceeds on offering us drinks and takes on a tour of the property. He built the house back in 1977 as a bachelor. Since them there has been a lot of additions. He's an architect/engineer.

On and on and on he goes about the property and the weddings he's had there. How the realtors love his house and so forth. He did say let's hang for a little while then we'll get to the tire. We walk around the perimeter of the house which has a deck that goes all the way around. We can see one of his two daughters watching tv with his wife as we walk around. We both have our coal miner head lamps on as we're doing the tour. Who knows what's going on in anyones mind at that point.

Thought we were coming up here to look at some other tires. Next thing you know we're in the back part of his property where he built a little town. There's a bank, jail, outhouse and some other stuff. He's like this is where I keep the mower. This is where I keep some other stuff. In my mind next is this is where I keep the bodies. We keep meandering around the property. He asked if we want to get high. Telll him no thanks. He proceeds to embibe. Then he's like, let's go for a swim. Let me back up. Not to long before that he did mention he was going to build a sweat lodge. Rich and I told him we built one a few years ago. At the time I didn't pay no mind to the fact that he said, "ya know it will be nice to do for a weekend. Just get the guys up here and get naked.". Now we went and grabbed three towels from the changing house and heard to the pool. I'm at this guys house and he takes off his clothes and jumps in the pool. Wife and daughter right there in the house next to us. It's dark out without the headlamp so we follow suit. Three grown men skinny dipping at night.

Anyways, he goes on to tell us how he walks around the property all the time naked. I'm still wondering what his wife and daughter are thinking. We all get out if the pool and are just hanging out. Him literally just walking around his garden still yammering away. Don't get me wrong, super nice guy and all. Great house, but dude...we don't even know each other. As we're sitting there drying off this amazing electrical storm is happening over head.

Got dressed and headed back towards the garage. Well some of us got dressed. He was walking around in his scivvies and a shirt. Oh my god, that reminds me. He did have a water tower in his town that had "free bird" written on it. All the signs were clearly illuminated. You just had to read between the lines.

Lo and behold back to the business at hand. We do another tour of the property looking for that tire. We walk behind a shed and there's just a few rims, no tires. Then he ends up giving me some residential sticky on one side big patch thing. So I cut a piece and put it on the inside of my tire. We'll see how that plays out tomorrow. That was after he gave me a schwinn pacth kit from the 1970's where the patches were dried out and also offered me some type of roofing material.

A little bit awkward but definitely interesting. We got back in the mini van after chatting for a spell and headed back to camp. He was driving slow. Think he was glad to have some company of men.

This campground is great though. I love being right on the river. Made some more friends earlier with Rob & Tonya who boated over here to eat at the thai restaurant in the trailer attached to the campgrounds facility.

Other than that it was just over a 60 mile slow hot day. I do like being on the trail for many aspects, but it is a lot slower than the roads. Thanks for reading along.

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  1. Creepy. Shit, I thought stuff like that only happened to me!
    No more naked romps with men, k? Don't make me WORRY!!!!!!