Monday, June 14, 2010


After spending 8 days in Kansas I'm glad to have made it to Colorado. Thinks it's day 37 and 11 states so far. Totalling just over 2150 miles in all.

Today I was a bit worried when we calculated the route here to Burlington. It was 66.6 miles away. I'm always a bit superstitous. The ride turned out just fine other than rich's busted chain.

It would and could have Been a great day to just stay in bed. Been on the road the previous five days and they have been long ones. Today makes six and it's two days and about 160 miles to the mile high city. So prolly best to get there and take a day off.

It was 50 degrees at the start of the day and windy. Woke up about 8:30 and didn't crawl out of bed til just before 9 to go down and get some Super 8 great start breakfast. Turned out to be not such a great start. Get down and breakfast ends at 9. Theres a crockpot of gravy for bisquits. No plates and bowls are out. Get a cup and find out the juice machine is turned off. Vijay, the owner of the hotel who has an apartment right upstairs that used to be three hotel rooms was already complaining about breakfast the day before. When I was trying to get the best deal he was like, "I'm losing so much money with the breakfast.". So just a few minutes after 9am when I asked for a bowl he begrudingly obliged. Got the message buddy.

So packed up my gear and hit the road. Was looking forward to a nice egg breakfast. Nothing on the way out of town. Just some oj and a cold can of starbux from the gas station. It was tuff morning. Thought about just turning around and taking the day off. That wasn't going to happen. Was determined to get out of Kansas alive today. Felt like that state was trying to keep me there for some odd reason. Then with the headwinds today I was more determined to escape. Great state, but time to get down the road.

Was looking forward to getting about thirty five miles to hit the western time zone in Goodall. Got to that town and there was no sign for the new time zone. Then I kept watching my phone to watch the hour roll back. It never happened! Stopped there for some all you can eat pizza hut for $5.99. Salad bar and pizza, not a bad deal. They also have an 80' easel with a 30'x20' Van Gogh.

It was a little bothersome that they didn't have the time zone change sign. It was about 17 miles to the border and time to press on. Thankfully the weather started taking a change for the better. Blue skies and the wind was dying down. These two dogs came running up to me so I stopped to say hello. Then noticed these two horses right behind them. The two of them came over to give me good Kansas good bye.

It was truly exciting to reach Colorado today. Really feels like an acclomplishment. Fortunately this old man has a house literally on the border of ks and co. Went over and asked him to tale a photo for me. He was wearing a shirt with a vette on it. Found out he owns thre of them. His 2003 is for sale. He didn't want to trade for my bike or laugh when I asked.

You had to see this old timer. Gave him a quick tutorial on taking and the picture and got into place. He's telling me there's a glare as he has the iPhone held directly to his eyeball. I'm just standing there going yeah, that glass screen does cause a glare. He did pull it off.

Nice, now just a few more miles to Burlington. So glad this day is almost over. It was a nice payoff when I arrived to the destination. The most colorful, bright rainbow I've ever seen. Thanks for reading along.

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