Saturday, June 19, 2010

One of my favorite city's in America

So it's been a few days since my last entry. Been a busy couple of long days.

Today was a great day! We started out in Denver and biked up to Boulder, about 50 miles the route I took. Yesterday was a rest day so to speak. We were above tree line by 2pm in the afternoon. Way up in the Rockies in the middle of Rocky Mountain National Park.

One of my favorite drives in America. Take the 70 west to 40N over Berthard pass and into Winterpark. Then up to Picturesque Grand Lake for lunch. On to and through rocky mountain national park. Which let's out into estes park. Down through boulder and back into Denver. If you ever get the opportunity, do it!

The park had an infestation of some type of beetle. It has killed thousands of trees. It was really devistating and sad to see. There was also alot less wildlife. Still has the most epic views. The mountains all have snow on them.

Got back to town just in time for game 7. Also met up with an old friend from NYC. My buddy Ed who moved out here last June. It was good to hang, see another familiar face and catch up with him. He's been doing sweat lodges every weekend. Of course this weekend is the first one there taking off. I'm sure it would have been different then crazy Misouri hippie dudes sweat lodge. Ed is studying native American shamanism.

Did catch my first air on my 70lb bike today. Cruising up to boulder was on this bike path that had a lip with a little bit of vert. Landed it! That was a cool feeling. Never thought that bikes two wheels would be off the ground at the same time.

Lets back track to Wednesday night. Arrived in Denver to an old work buddy of Richs house. He lives in this community called Stapleton. It is built on the old airport out here. To me it looks somewhat like a Hollywood set or the OC. Very well manicured and all the homes are brand new.

Mind you, Rich didn't tell me much about what we were rolling into. His buddy is married with two kids. That was a relief. Didn't figure a single guy was living here. This community looks like something out of a movie, the Stepford Wives maybe.

Rich made it there before me and took off with Russ to replace his chain that broke a few days before. I was greeted by Russ's wife Barbara and their two adorable kids. They really welcomed us and were extra hospitable.

We really had a good time during our short stay in Stapleton. Had a BBQ our first night and hung out with some of their neighbors. Played some horseshoes and had some laughs.

Russ went the extra miles. He really went out of his way to make sure we were all good and enjoying ourselves. He just picked up a Porsche 944 convertable a few months ago. He works from home and said it was ours to roll around in on Thursday. Wait, your going to loan us your sports car!

So we were cruising in style. That was the fastest car I've ever driven. This trip just keeps going uphill for us. Top down and good music blasting all day in God's country.

Actually started this blog last night and am finishing it in the morning. Really looking forward to this weekend in Boulder. Get some rest and geared up for the rest of the trip. We are going to go north from here up towards Cheyenne. Tonight we are going to see a band called Dawes. I've never heard them, Rich really digs them. Live music is always a treat.

Time to shower up, get some breakfast nd get out into the Rocky Mountain air. Have a great weekend, thanks for reading along.

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  1. I think the beetle that is killing an enormous amount of trees all over in N.A. is the mountain pine beetle. It's happening in huge areas due to the higher temperatures Global Warming brings. That thing now can survive longer and just a few degrees creates a devastating site of wildlife loss.
    Enjoy the time out there!