Monday, June 7, 2010

Ryan 4.2

Can you believe it has been 30 days already? I'm ready for a day off in Kansas City. Been riding for the past straight 8 days. One of them was a half day, but that day was hilly. I'm not complaining just need to rest.

Having a great day of riding so far today. Sitting in a gas station charging my phone and gps so I have some juice. Last night there were noboutlets at the campground we stayed at. It was the Missouri state fair grounds. Looks like a fun time when it's going on.

There were a couple of other bikers there as well. A dude we met a couple of dats ago that was just riding the Katy trail. Then three other dudes riding from San Fran to NYC in 35 days. They were on day 18 yesterday with just over 1900 miles. That is a sick ride. Century after century after century. They are on road bikes and light on the gear. They all have a schedule to keep as well. It was good to hear about their trip thus far.

Im glad to have a little more liesure time. Trying to muscle through the whole trip would be a fun challange but take away from the experience for me. There also all about 25 years old. Read my palm if you know how.

Got a real late start yesterday. Didn't get on the road til just about 2pm with almost 70 miles of trail riding to go. Not a fun day for me. Fortunately even though the naked hippee wasn't helpful. The next morning someone in the campground who lives on a houseboat there loanede their car to go into town. The bike shops didn't open til noon. Columbia is a pretty big college town about 13 miles away from the campground. That was super nice of then to do that. Filled up their tank and bought them a pie for the gesture. Then while I was in town Rich called and asked me to pick up some inner tubes for someone who just ed in with a flat.

About 40 miles to go to KC. Looking forward to having a day off and exploring the city. Also going to meet up with Nick who is there visiting his mom. Time to hit the road. Thanks for all the comments and reading along. Gets lonely out here on the open road.

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  1. You are riding through my home away from home!! Spent many a summer in Sedalia, Jefferson City and Columbia. So glad you are documenting this experience with these blogs. Im fascinated!

  2. Why ride cross country if your not gonna stop and have fun? You're doing it the right way. That tire took a beatin. I bet it went down fast, and don't know if the dollar bill trick would have gotten you too far. Enjoy the winds of Kansas