Tuesday, June 15, 2010

day 37

Just another day of biking. 77 miles in a hard leather saddle with the heat and wind blaring. Started out with a beautiful blue Colorado sky with just a few clouds. You can see for miles and miles and it's gorgeous out here.

About 90 miles to get to Denver tomorrow. It will be nine straight days of biking. I'm ready to just kick it for a day. Will most likely spend Thursday off in Denver then bike up to one of my favorite towns in America on Friday, Boulder. Maybe kick it around there for a couple of days and then figure out the next move. Thinking about biking across Rocky Mountain National Park and then up towards Yellowstone.

Cant really blame google maps for what happened today. Just about half way through our day we got hit with a pavement ends sign. Sure enough the pavement did end and we were riding a dirt road for over thirty miles. Off road takes a lot bigger toll on the body. Especially my swamp ass that's been on the go for eight hot, windy and rainy days. Also tougher on the bike your hands and it's a lot slower. Yeah I'm complaining. Why can't Colorado pave their frontage roads?

Just before the end of the day made it to the "ghost"town of Genoa, CO. Was looking forward to a cold drink after sucking in dust in the hot sun. Just like so many little towns in the past few states, nothing. Asked a woman in her yard if there was a place to get a cold drink. She shook her head and said no. Then she told me down at the elevator there is a pop machine. So I go to the end of the street to the elevator. That's a place where they store all the grain. I see a guy inside the office by the scale and see the coke machine. So I pull my bike over and start to put on a shirt. Just as I turn around, the guy in the office gets picked up and takes off. Come on dude, I'm a stranger on a bike in a grain mill. You don't offer to inquire why I'm there. This was all within 15 feet.

Just shook my head and took a shot of my warm water. Went back through town and back to the frontage road. That's when I saw this building that looked like a lighthouse. It was the tower museum. Where you can see six different states.

Theres a family leaving as I pull up. You've never seen anything like this unless you've been here. Talk about a throwback. Get inside and it's jam packed with everything you can imagine. This elderly couple welcomes me. They sell me a pepsi right away. Then I enquire about the tower tour. That's only another buck. Sign me up fella. He says you can go all the way to the top.

It was a little workout getting up there. Also tight and unsafe. Reminds me of the dangerous city museum in St. Louis. Go up, check out the view and am blown away by all the crap in this place. Jam packed with tons of old bottles, paintings, keys, arrowheads and a pluthera of everyhthing else.

As I'm leaving the old guy Jerry gets to showing me stuff. From a butt depth gauge, walrus penis, nose picker and old gag knife. Think he would have kept me there all day if he could. Great value for a buck.

Small town America has been great but I'm glad to be getting to a big city tomorrow. Thanks for reading along. Hope you enjoy the pix.

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