Friday, May 14, 2010

Elevation 1810

Sitting in a bed and breakfast in Maryland.
The hills here in Appalachia are alive and well. Day 6 and I'm feeling stoked. My body and gear seem to be holding up just fine.

Tonight I got up to the top of a steep ass hill and stopped to take some pix and cool down. Luckily there was a b n b because the thunder was just starting to rumble. As I was waiting for Rich I started talking to the owner Dave. Nice guy were actually hanging out now. When Rich got up the hill he was like this is where were staying. He was done for the day and I was ok with that.

The coolest thing is Dave told me the race across America sets up shop right across the street in the parking lot. It's cool to know I'm taking some of that same course. Dave and his wife claim that some of the riders said these hills are tougher that the Rockies. Well there's another 150 miles of this. Could be slow going the next couple of days. Tomorrow is supposed to be a day off. We may do a 40 mile day into Cumberland.

Dave the owner of the bnb is pretty awesome. He loaned us his Surburban to go down the hill to Exxon to grab dinner. They have a restaurant connected. It was hot open roast beef sandwich for dinner. Now we're just talking about advertising his place. This place is sweet, 25 rooms and a great view.

That's it, I'm hitting the sack. Thanks for reading along.

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