Saturday, May 29, 2010

Southern Styled!

Down on Lake Kentucky in picturesque Hardin, KY. At my boy Dave Johnsons inlaws lake house here. We ended up in Nashville yesterday. The evening before we were in Bowling Green. Dave just moved here to the south. Hendersonville just outside of Nashville. We were planning on meeting up today. Since it was only 60 or so miles south to his new house we ended up there. He wanted us to check out the new digs. It was also great to spend time with his family. His beautiful wife Nicole and their three adorable children Ann, Ross and Parrish.

We hopped in the car and put the bikes in the trailer to take the trip north back to KY. Then we did some food shopping for the next couple of days and just time to chill for Memorial Day weekend. I kind of wanted to be a purest about literally biking across the US. But we never planned on going that far south and all the wrong turns. We will definitely make up for it.

Today was a blast just hanging out on the dock. We were fishing and swimming and just having a good ol time. Took some really fun pictures as well. Now were haning watching the Laker game and eating dinner. Have a great Labor Day weekend! Back on the road this Monday.

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  1. Sup baby?! That's a sick picture, you're a sexy bitch! You're having so much fun, I'm so envious, wish I was there! Keep tearing up the road, you're so gangster, lol, xo