Friday, May 21, 2010

West Virginia

What can I say? Well give me a second to think about that. That's been said almost everytime I've asked someone a question. There is a reason why men don't ask questions.

I miss NYC, my comfort zone. But it is good to see how the other half lives. Just tonight I was walking back from Wendys where I ate dinner. Right after, I litterally said " what did u just do to yourself?". Had some chipolte spiced chicken that had a revolting sauce on it. My body was like, what did u just consume. Anyways just wanted a quick meal and I'm paying for it. Then again there's not toany options on the road.

After "dinner" I saw a place called Central Perk City. Thought it was a coffee shop. Maybe a shot of espresso could wash out the chemical taste from Wendys. Mind you, this establishment has no windows. The sign out front has a steaming coffee cup on it. I walk in and feel like I'm in illegal gambling club in ny. There was a handwritten sign that read you have to be of legal drinking age to get into this establishment. Then there was another big door you had to be buzzed into with a camera right above your head.

Quickly backed out of this joint and walked towards the hotel. This is a less desirable part of town. There are also some strip clubs on same street. That must be dome type of adult entertainment. Coffee cup on the sign and the name, they fooled me.

What has six cars, multiple dogs not chained up, laundry that's been hanging for over six months, a piece of fast food furniture on the front porch and still hasn't been finished being constructed?

Yesterday the subject talked about falling down. The previous two days I fell four times. Each time locked up in my clipless pedals. First was Morgantown the other day. Stopped to ask some folks if there was a bike shop in town. Just came off a downhill and was in the highest gear. As I tried to take off the pedals didn't budge and I cranked right on my side onto the sidewalk. OUCH! But the ego got me right up and pedaling. I was sore later that day. Fell right on my right arm.

Then yesterday, got stock on a little grass uphill in highest gear and fell right on my right side. A little later down the trail we hit a ton of mud. At one point my wheels just sanked and I tumbled right down again on my right hand side.

Yard sale! Luckily all my stuff is connected to my bike. But my iPod was sitting there in the mud like a frog peering it's head out. Just the tip of it was showing. That was it for the iPod. Better that than my phone though. This morning it started to work again. The screen is a bit water logged, so we'll see if it recovers.

Then last night almost yo the campground and I go through this small puddle. Wrong! Turns out to have been a tractor tire path that was very deep. My wheel went right in and this time I fell on my left side. Again directly into the mud. Alls I could do was laugh get to the campground shower and wash the mud out.

I want to take pictures of people down here. There are some characters. The stuff people wear! Almost indescribable. Maybe I'll try to take some candid shots. I'll also take a pic of the coffee place I was talking about.

Millepede. Some of the things were contending with. Also last night I gave rich a pb&j that he left in his tent when we went to the lodge. When we came back a pesky racoon helped himself to the sandwich. Oh, and he didn't use the zipper. Burrowed a hole right through the meshing.

Had to go to the lodge on top of the mountain to get service. Kind of fun biking down the mountain in the dark with just my small Petzl head lamp. Saw this in the lodge.

These guys were kayaking in the river we camped next to. Thanks for reading along!

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