Thursday, May 27, 2010

A new time zone

Passed into CST about 50 miles ago. It was another century today, 110 miles. Kind of fun pumping out those long hauls.

Our plan was to stay at this state park called Mammoth Caves. When we met up there the amenities weren't to our liking. No power outlets to charge our stuff was the biggest problem. For instance today, I didn't get a chance to charge my phone last night. I'm very dependant on the maps app all day. When u get to a cross roads with no map you don't want to go the wrong way. 10 miles on the bike is a long way.

When we arrived at the state park we were trying to come up with an alternate plan. Thought today was going to be 60 something mile day. By the time I arrived at the park I had about 80 miles on on the gps. Bowling Green was another 30 miles so that was the plan. Gaining an hour with the new time zone gave us just under two hours of day light to make it to BG.

While we were at the campground convienance store the woman asked if we needed any supplies. She said she had a box of stuff for bikers. A guy who cancelled his trip because he was bitten by dogs had sent himself some supplies in advance. Because he wasn't going to make it he asked the lady at the shop to hand it out to bikers. It was some mre's, outmeal, propane and bit o' honeys. Took some bit o' honeys and said thanks. Geez, feel bad for that guy.

That last thirty miles was a blast. It was a really hot day. So it's kind of nice to ride in the late evening with the setting sun.

Also changed up the plan a little bit. Gonna head further south to Tenn. My buddy recently bought a house just outside of Nashville. Were only 70 miles north of Nashville. So why not drop down and check it out.

We finally made it to the trans America bike trail today. We were on it for a little bit but kept going. We'll catch back up to it on the flip side. Did meet quite a few bikers in the past day. It's fun to see and chat with other folks on a similiar mission. I'm tired, long day and the time change. Thanks for reading along.

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Location:Willamette Ln,Bowling Green,United States


  1. Amazing the strength that builds, not to mention, the endurance in the saddle. Sixty miles becomes child's play, even in the hot sun. You will experience no difficulties when you reach the Rockies, as your strength will crush the ascents. Keep on Long Haul Trucking!

  2. damn dude this trip is taking you to sum amszing places and your strength is becoming ummatched keep on truckin