Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Lucky in Kentucky!

Another Epic day on the road. What a refreshing, rejuvinating experience here in Lexington, KY. Met so many great folks just in the course of a day.

Last night when we arrived at the hotel I saw a commercial for www.bikeLexington.com. So I went online and found out they were having a pilgrimage tonight. Meet up at a local park for some horduerves and then head to a blue grass concert followed by the food co-op in town for desert and coffee. You had to register by 5pm last night so we just missed that. Today we went to a local bike shop to get tuned up.(Pedal Power) Needed it after almost the 1000 miles we've done so far and the miles training before that. One of the guys in the bike shop hooked us up with Tim one of the organizers of Bike Lexington and we were in.

The rest of the night was spent talking about the trip and what was going on here in Lexington. One of the dudes has a pedaled power smoothie bizz called, www.berrypedalers.com Great idea for a small bizz, he will even build one for you. We were hanging at a local bar after the co-op called Marikka's. They had a ton of pool tables, dart boards and beach volleyball in the back. How great is that! Just hanging out in Lex at your local haunt and playing on a sand court. They also had the largest selection of beers I think I've seen. One of them was Monty Python themed called the Holy Grail. Bourbon is also really popular down here. Supposed to be biking by all the bourbon distilleries tomorrow on our way to Bardstown, KY. There is a state park that we are going to camp at called "My Old Kentucky Home State Park." Just love the name.

Everyone wanted to make sure I tastes kentucky Bourbon. Oh well, I'll just have to wonder. They also have a local soda down here called Ale 8. Haven't tried it yet, but going to be in Kentucky for a few more days. They say if you like Mountain Dew you'll dig it.

Started the day out pretty early with a deluxe breakfast here at the Springhill Marriot. They have quite the spread. From waffles you make yourself to eggs and oatmeal. Really good for a free continental breakfast at hotel. Then it was off to the bike shop and a tour around Lexington before the 90 minute massage. Sick deal, $35 for a 90 minute massage. It was nice and relaxing, a little bit soft on the pressure but welcome none the less.

Got another really good deal today as well. Was at another bike shop here in town. Need some gloves for my hands they are getting warn from holding the handle bars for so long. This rep for Smith sunglasses came in while I was there. I just broke my Smiths the week before the trip and missed them. I have a back up pair but they have been killing me during the day. They are really heavy and cumbersome. Asked him if he had the pair I like and he didn't. But ended up buying a different pair that sell for $140. He hooked me up below cost for $50. They are polarized which is super important to me. Was going to need to get a pair down the road anyways. Another one of those right place, right time. Thanks Willy!

Really excited still about the next couple of weeks. Gonna meet up with my boy DJ down in Hardin, KY this Memorial Day weekend. Tomorrow should be a pretty smooth 60 mile day to the campground. Then the next three days should be 70 miles each. The following weekend we'll most likely be in St. Louis.


  1. Ryan, it was great chatting with you. Glad it worked out that you could join us. Word of caution, Ale-8 is mainly a central KY drink so the farther west you travel possibly the harder it will be to find.

    I hope yall have a real safe trip and I look forward to following the journey.


  2. Tim, thanks for the advice. I did get to try an Ale 8 on the way out of town. Thanks again for the Southern hospitality!