Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Darn...bad timing...2 cyclist in NYC

This is an e-mail I received this afternoon.


Hi Ryan,

Bad timing for us! I am actually a mom of one of the boys that is touring
towards NYC. They are 19 (my son) and 23 will be coming into NYC in the next
day or two. This is our first time using the warmshowers site. I have to say
WOW, what an adventure for you! I read about you trip and it sounds
incredible. I am from California (by SF) and have been down to Big Sur, and
it is absolutely beautiful! You must travel through Santa Cruz and Carmel.
Hopefully you will be hitting San Francisco and following hwy 1 all the way
to Big Sur. It is amazing. If you need any ideas from Nevada over, I am sure
we could help in some way.

The boys will obviously just miss using you as a gracious host! They are
currently in Philadelphia, PA for the night and will check it all out
tomorrow. Then head towards the coast and up to NYC. Then they want to stay
in NYC for a few days, so I am trying to find them a good hostel, or someone
on this site. I am excited for them, and when I read your blog about how it
changes from thought to fruitation, I can relate! It took only a few weeks
from when the boys thought to go until they were out the door. This is their
first tour! And I know already, they have surely learned some dos and donts!
I especially wish I knew about the solar powered iphone charger! We all know
they dont last long, especially when using the maps.

So if nothing else, I would love to hear of some places they must see while
in New York. :) I already wrote down the good place for the breakfast deal
you stated in your blog. Every bit of savings helps, they are planning at
least another 3 weeks on the road. They will head from NY to at least Boston.
Then possibly take the train back over to the West coast, maybe starting in
Washington and following the coast down. So any advice, on either the biking,
NYC sites, places to stay and especially places to eat would be appreciated.
I also signed up to follow your blog. I tried to get the boys to blog along
their way, but it has been hard enough to find places to even charge their

I look forward to hearing from you IF you have the time of course. If not,
enjoy your tour and stay safe!


Hopefully they will get here by Saturday and I can host them. We can take a ride and discuss their
adventure. Point them in the right direction and then hit the road. If they don't get here by
Saturday, maybe you can host them. Let me know if you have any desire and I can put you in touch
with them.

Already loving it! This site( could really turn out to be a useful tool along the way.

Right now it's just after midnight and I'm sitting on my fire escape blogging. This is what I was doing a
few years ago. Feels good to be blogging/ journaling again. That's more or less what it is,
a journal. Have to be up early for a walk in dentist appt. I cracked one of my back molers and
better have it looked at and repaired before I hit the road.


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