Monday, May 24, 2010

Kentucky Dog Chase

It has been great the past few mornings waking up and biking to the smell of fresh cut grass and honeysuckle! Better than the toxic sludge that drips from the back of the private sanitation trucks back at home. The opposite end of that is Hay Fever. Had a few more uncontrollable sneezing attacks today.

How come nobody out here drinks wheat grass. They could have it by the gallon. Is that just a NY thing?

Today was the first of many Centuries! About 105 miles in total today. Made it all the way to Lexington, KY. Sitting in the Marriot here by the University. Got a great deal on a fabulous hotel. Free breakfast, heated pool, jacuzzi, laundry and internet. Good stuff! Then the girl that checked us in told me she just graduated from massage therapy school. So I found out I can go to her school and get a 90 minute massage for $35. That is a sick deal and my body can use it.

It was a tuff start this morning. Woke up on top of the Carter Caves campground. It was some fun down hill and not so fun uphills. No breakfast in my belly and the closest town was ten miles away. Took about 23 miles to get into the groove of things. After that is was pretty smooth sailing. Last night I was really tenderoni on the bottom side. Then this morning if I could imagine what my bung hole looked like. Well it felt like it must have looked like an inside out plunger. Sorry to be so graphic but spending that much time with direct pressure on one part of your body can do some damage. The A&D oinment works good for lube but doesn't cure the swelling. The thought of doing 100 miles today was just defeating. But like I said once the groove was caught it was a great day.

At least 25 dogs chased me today. That is no exageration. People do not tie up their dogs here in KY. I thought WV was bad. At one point I was Malachi Crunched by to sets of dogs coming from both sides of the road. Sometimes they nip at my saddle bags. It's a bit scary with traffic coming in both directions. They are pretty good too, they wait til you get right next to them and then attack. One poor dog was disoriented or something today and came within a hair of getting squashed right next to me. This big dump truck filled with black top didn't come to a stop. This dog was right in the middle of the street and wouldn't budge. Finally it started to move just enough to avoid being hit. The driver didn't have a care in the world. Shows how careful even we have to be.

So excited about this upcoming and the next weekends. Gonna try and make it down to the south western corner of the state to meet up with my old buddy DJ. It's his birthday today and would be good to spend Memorial Day weekend with him and his family. The following weekend going to try and make it up to St. Louis and hang with some guys from the summer house. That's something to really look forward to, seeing some familiar friendly faces.

Other than that, just super grateful to be healthy and still going.(Except for a little sunburn from was blaring out) The bike is rocking and rolling. Gonna swing by a bike shop here in town tomorrow for a tune up. Thanks for all your comments, text and support along the way. Helps me keep peddling. Since I'm doing this on the hotel computer there won't be any pix. But I will post some tomorrow for certain. I just figured out how to erase multiple photos on my Iphone today. Had about 2250 pix on there. Just erased about 1500 so I can take plenty more. Was trying to take a photo of a sign earlier and it said not enough space.


  1. Hey Ryan,
    Are you making your way to Los Angeles anytime soon?

  2. how about something like this??

  3. RYAN!!

    Keep hauling buddy.. I enjoy tracking your journey... Enjoy every mile and were rooting for you!

    Stacey Giuffre