Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Four and a wake up.

My boys Marcus and Terrance just took me out to lunch for a little pre-trip celebration. Bugging out about all the little things that still need to get done. Had a physical this morning from my family doctor. All is good. Been the same weight for years. I'm 250. We'll see how that turns out on the backside. I'm expecting to drop about 30 L B's.

Just sitting at Cafe Orlin on St.Marks people watching. They have a great $6 breakfast special. 2 eggs, toast, OJ and a cappacino.

Time to go for a ride and do some more prep work. Still haven't gone for a ride with all my gear. That will be Friday. Still have to hook up my GPS and dip my tires in the Atlantic. That may be my Friday ride.

Notice the bike in the background of course.

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Location:St Marks Pl,New York,United States

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  1. Ryan I wish for you a most fantastic trip, very exciting. Awesome!